this is cognitect

we believe in aiming for the moon - in solving meaningful problems and having a positive impact. we also believe that software is an incredible kind of leverage, one that enables small teams of passionate people to make incredible changes. and we believe that the intersection of passionate people and great technology is where the future is being built.


Our customers are people with a vision - who picture a future where they have made an impact. Our team has been assembled over years of thoughtful recruiting to offer a unique blend of experience, passion, thoughtful design and rapid implementation. Our mission is to make the world a better place. That might sound outlandish, but if that isn't your mission, what are you doing?


We use technology to solve problems, and we help others learn about, adopt and improve technology.  We don't want to just be "in" the business, we want to help shape the way software is conceived and utilized. We speak, we write, we congregate and we create, always with an eye toward what works, and what's next.


We are organized around the central idea that the best people, and the best solutions for your problems, can't always be found next door. Our team is mostly distributed. As a result, we've worked diligently to improve the ways we work together, and with our clients. So we can work with organizations anywhere in the world, and do so every day.

The Team

Alex Miller
Alex Redington
Alex Warr
Chris Redinger
Christian Romney
Daemian Mack
Dan De Aguiar
David Chelimsky
Diane Butler
George Kierstan
Ghadi Shayban
Jaret Binford
Jarrod Taylor
Jennifer Hudson
Joe Lane
Kim Foster
Michael Fogus
Naoko Higashide
Rich Hickey
Clojure Rocks!
Robert Randolph
Russ Olsen
Stuart Halloway

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