Kovas Boguta - Cognicast Episode 055


We talk with Kovas Boguta about Session.

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Our Guest, Kovas Boguta


Kovas chose "The Final Countdown" by Europe[1] to start the show and "Electricity" by OMD[2] to end the show.



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  • [1] The Final Countdown reached #1 in 25 different countries. The opening riff was created using an analog Roland JX-8P synthesizer, a favorite of artist Gary Numan.
  • [2] During OMD's earliest years they effectively crashed in a corner of Gary Numan's tour bus.
  • [3] The folks at TOPLAP have interesting views on live-coding as it relates to art and music.
  • [4] The idea of session snapshots did not originate with Mathematica. Indeed, languages like Smalltalk and APL were designed with the snapshot model in mind.
  • [5] There are many who see file-centric programming as archaic and are exploring (and have explored) various ideas for circumventing it, including, but not limited to: iconic syntax, program composition via query, and environment snapshots.
  • [6] Chris Granger wrote a wonderful post about symbolic programming.
  • [7] Manuel Woelker wrote an interesting blog post about the similarities between Clojure, Git, and CouchDB data structures in his postPersistent Trees in git, Clojure and CouchDB.

We talk with Kovas Boguta about Session.

Listen to or download this episode.

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