Success Stories

  • The Climate Corporation uses Clojure to help the world’s farmers sustainably protect and care for their crops.

    Read about how they used Clojure to build a versioned weather datastore.

    All our models, datastores, and services are built in Clojure. We find that Clojure’s support for parallelism makes it easy to run complex models with low latency.

    Leon Barrett Software Engineer
  • Rally uses Datomic to add real-time collaboration features to its backend datastore.

    Read the case study.

    Telling our customers when things change in real-time is valuable but it's been hard to do. Datomic makes it possible and easy to use. Our dashboards update without ever having to refresh the screen.

    Eric Shiflet Product Manager
  • Pellucid uses Datomic to expand the speed, power and scalability of its data analysis tools.

    Read the case study.

    That saved us months in development. We simply couldn't do it without Datomic. Combined with DynamoDB, it gives us rich querying capabilities, but without the headaches typically associated with scaling and managing an SQL database.

    Dustin Whitney CTO

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