Denmark Javagruppen

Thanks to Niels Nielson for inviting a bunch of us out to Denmark to present at the Javagruppen user's conference. As my first trip to Denmark, I have to say that I'm very fond of the country so far and wish I could stay longer. More importantly, the attendees at the conference are enthusiastic and quite friendly, which always makes for a nice weekend.

Mostly, I'm glad to be spending a weekend trapped with some of the finest minds in the Java space -- Patrick Linskey of the JDO movement, Rod Johnson of the Spring Framework team, Ted Neward of Effective Enterprise Java fame, my business partner Stuart Halloway, my coauthor Bruce Tate, Jules Gosnell from the Geronimo group, and Jurgen Holler (also of Spring). That's august company to be in, and its already been a great weekend of learning what's out there pushing the limits.

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