Cognitect Joins Nubank

We are thrilled to announce that Cognitect is joining the Nubank family of companies. This is the next step in a long relationship, and opens new opportunities for Clojure and Datomic worldwide.

Simplicity at Scale

Nubank is a spectacular success story for Clojure and Datomic, running mission-critical software at scale. From their start in 2013, Nubank has grown to 600 Clojure developers, running 2.5 million lines of Clojure code in 500 microservices on over 2000 Datomic servers. Cognitect has been there every step of the way, helping Nubank's developers translate Clojure's ideas into business agility. Nubank is the largest fintech in Latin America and has over 25 million customers using their online financial solutions. We support Nubank's mission of bringing banking to those who do not have it. And in the course of working together in Durham and in São Paulo, we have become friends.

A Bigger Hammock

Nubank is a vocal and public supporter of Clojure and Datomic, and is committed to their growth. Together, we will:

  • expand the teams behind Clojure and Datomic
  • offer more conferences, more training, and more resources of every kind
  • work to improve diversity at Nubank, at Cognitect and across the Clojure community

The Value of Values

Nubank understands the unique value of Clojure and Datomic, and is committed to continuing both without disruption.

  • Rich will remain at the helm of Clojure, which remains independent, and will continue to manage Clojure's technical direction with Stu and Alex.
  • Rich and Stu will continue as Datomic architect and product lead, respectively.
  • Cognitect will continue to operate as a U.S. C Corporation.
  • Datomic development, product offerings, and customer relationships will continue and grow.
  • Cognitect will continue to offer professional services for Datomic customers, but will transition out of general consulting development.

What Comes Next

If you are a Clojure or Datomic user, the resources behind your software are greater than ever before. The next Datomic feature will come a bit sooner. We are dedicated to growing the Clojure community, and helping companies adopt and succeed with Clojure.


Justin, Rich, and Stu

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