Agile Retrospectives

Agile teams manage change and risk by adapting. But to adapt, you must identify opportunities for change and take them. Retrospectives are a fun, cost-effective way for your team to learn and change.

In this talk, we will begin by conducting a mini-retrospective, so that you get a feel for the basic process. Next, we will review the core principles of a retrospective, and use these principles to compare and contrast a variety of retrospective activities from the book Agile Retrospectives.

Next, we will explore a few retrospective activities in greater detail. These are some of the favorites that we use regularly at Relevance:

  • team radar
  • prioritize with dots
  • learning matrix

Finally, we will talk about how to tune retrospectives to the needs of your team at a specific moment in time. No two retrospectives are alike, and an experienced facilitator adds value by adapting a retrospective to meet the current need.

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