Where to Find Cognitects - May Edition

Want to meet a Cognitect in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of May:

Barcelona, Spain 5/1-5/3 
Speaking: David Nolen
Talk: Immutability, Interactivity & Javascript

Minneapolis, MN 5/16-5/17 
ClojureBridge MN 
Attending: Lynn Grogan

New York, NY 5/17-5/18 
Attending: Sam Umbach

St. Louis, MO 5/20 
St. Louis Clojure Meetup 
Organizing: Alex Miller

Durham, NC 5/20 
West End Ruby Hack Night @ Cognitect HQ 
Attending: Yoko Harada

Chicago, IL 5/20-5/21 
GOTO Chicago 
Speaking: David NolenFunctional Final Frontier 
Mike NygardFive Years of DevOps: Where are We Now? Russ OlsenProgramming in Interesting Times

Amelia Island, FL 5/28-5/30 
Speaking: David Nolen 
Talk: Immutability: Putting The Dream Machine To Work

Durham, NC 5/29 
Triangle Clojure Users Group @ Cognitect HQ 
Attending: Yoko Harada

St. Louis, MO 5/29-5/30 
Speaking: Alex Miller
Talk: Datomic - A Modern Database

Salt Lake City, UT 5/30-5/31 
Salt Lake City Software Symposium 
Speaking: Stu Halloway 
Sessions: Clojure in 10 Big IdeasNarcissistic Design,Simulation Testing with SimulantGenerative Testing

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