EuroClojure Joins the Cognitect Family of Events

EuroClojure has been a great conference for Clojure for several years - big thanks to Marco Abis and the community for all of their hard work. To ensure the continued excellence and growth of the conference, we are excited that EuroClojure has joined the Cognitect ecosystem. Marco has been helping us and will continue to help make this conference awesome and importantly to preserve the unique style of EuroClojure. We want to thank him for creating the vibrant community event it has already become. EuroClojure now joins Clojure/conj (in the fall) and Clojure/West (April 20-22, Portland, OR) in our lineup.

We’re working on an exact date and location for EuroClojure 2015, and should be able to announce that within the week so stay tuned. Marco and the Cognitect folks are all excited about this and looking forward to seeing you all this summer.

Contact us at for questions or to learn more about this.

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