Where to Find Cognitects: October Edition

Want to meet a Cognitect in person? Here's where you can find us during the month of October:

Minneapolis, MN 10/3-10/4 
Twin Cities Software Symposium 
Speaking: Stu Halloway
Sessions: Architectural BriefingsNarcissistic DesignClojure in 10 Big Ideas, Datomic for the 96 Percent

Durham, NC 10/21
West End Ruby Hack Night  Cognitect HQ 
Attending: Yoko Harada

Nashua, NH 10/22
Southern New Hampshire Clojure Group
Speaking: Paul deGrandis - Clojure/conj talk preview

Raleigh, NC 10/23-10/24
All Things Open 
Speaking: Stu Halloway - Clojure: Simple by Design, Case Study: Clojure in an Enterprise Environment
Attending: Maggie Litton 

Durham, NC 10/30
Triangle Clojure Users Group @ Cognitect HQ 
Attending: Yoko Harada

Poznan, Poland 10/30-10/31
Speaking: David NolenImmutable User Interfaces


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