Milwaukee No Fluff a Great Success

The inaugural No Fluff Just Stuff tour event for 2005 went off swimmingly last weekend in Milwaukee. I introduced our new security talks there (Crypto for Programmers, and Writing Secure Web Services for both Axis and .NET). I was very anxious to see not only how well attended the crypto talk would be, but how well received. It turns out that on both counts, the presentation was a smashing success and I'm now very excited to get up to Philadelphia this weekend and give it again. This weekend, though, we're introducing the follow-up presentation (tentatively titled Applied Cryptography, though we don't want to make Mr. Schneier mad, so we'll probably change it ASAP).

The second part of the talk will walk through certificates, SSL/TLS, PKI and Kerberos, looking at the implementations and their challenges. We'll even talk a little about alternate trust management solutions for the truly paranoid. The two presentations are a great one-two punch for understanding the building blocks of cryptographic identity and authorization systems and then seeing how they combine to form the platforms we use today.

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