"Continue" snippets in your IDE

When I have a few minutes of down time, I like to browse the snippets in TextMate--it is a great way to discover idioms. I was doing this the other day and noticed that there were two separate snippets for creating a column in a Rails migration. By default, mcc tab completes to

  t.column "${1:title}", :${2:string}$0

So why is there a second snippet bound to mccc that does the same thing? Well, not quite the same thing:

  t.column "${1:title}", :${2:string}

Very cool. I like to think of myself as a power user of IDEs, but this idea had simply never occurred to me. And the "continue" idea is completely general, you can use it in any IDE. (I have been writing "continue" style live templates for IntelliJ IDEA too.)

It could be even better. Why not have the IDE infer "continue" mode for any tab completion with a "c" suffix? Are there any IDEs that do this?

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