Prototype Presentation at the Ajax Experience

I will be giving a presentation on Prototype at The Ajax Experience. Actually, I will be doing several talks, but this is the one I am most excited about. Prototype makes Ajax and JavaScript fun, and is a great study in JavaScript style. The abstract isn't up over at TAE yet, so I am including it below.

Prototype: Ajax and JavaScript++

Prototype deserves its fame for Ajax support, and for easy integration with the Rails platform. In this presentation, you will learn to simplify Ajax development with Prototype as we work through a series of examples that demonstrate:

  • using Ajax.Request to manage XMLHTTPRequest
  • automatically updating pages with Ajax.Updater
  • polling with PeriodicalExecuter
  • managing forms with Form.serialize
  • responding to inputs with Event.observe
  • simplifying DOM updates with Insertion

But there's more! Prototype exemplifies modern JavaScript coding style. You will see how to take advantage of "Prototype as JavaScript++" by

  • using JSON for parameter passing
  • defining classes with Class.create and Object.extend
  • using Ruby-inspired extensions to the JavaScript object model, such as Array.each

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