Release is TOMORROW

So, here's the deal. We are going to release the alpha tomorrow. It will have almost all of the features described here (except the RESTful web services, which we are re-thinking based on changes in how Rails is dealing with XML requests). Only the gem will be available tomorrow.

Over the weekend, we'll be putting the Collaboa site up for public availability. Anybody will be allowed to browse the code and submit tickets, but the SVN repository will remain (now and forever) closed for writes. As of right now, if you want to submit a change, file it as a ticket or submit a patch via email (we'll publish a specific email account for that tomorrow).

We'll also be releasing better documentation next week, but for you early adopters, the blog posts here plus the inline documentation will have to suffice.

We might also be moving to a new domain, but if so, this site will remain up and forward over to the new site.

This is an alpha release; we expect there will be some^h^h^h^hLOTS of bugs, and some rough edges. We are releasing anyway because the best way to make Streamlined better is to get your feedback. So anybody who downloads it, please please please tell us about your experiences. Oh, and DON'T POINT IT AT YOUR ONE-AND-ONLY COPY OF YOUR PRODUCTION APP AND PULL THE TRIGGER. Early software releases should be treated like carpet cleaner; find an out of the way corner to test it and make sure it doesn't ruin the place. Make a copy of your app and use that to test, ok?

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