The Business of Rails

At RailsConf, I had the distinct pleasure of serving on a panel called "The Business of Rails". Nathaniel Talbott organized it, and asked Joe O'Brien, Robby Russell, Andre Lewis, Geoffrey Grosenbach, and myself to participate.

First of all, thanks to Nathaniel for getting this on the schedule. The number of people in the room, and the subset of those people that were thinking of starting a business based around Ruby and Rails, was awesome to behold. If only the most excellent Extra Action Marching Band had held off for a few more minutes, we'd have had a complete success. As it is, we lost part of the crowd to this. Such is life.

Also, since the panel was such a success, and so many people wanted to continue the conversation, Robby set up a Google Group for anyone who wants to keep the discussion going. So, drop by the Ruby on Rails meets the business world group and be part of the revolution!

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