This actually happened to me today. I got on the elevator to head up to Relevance World Headquarters, wearing my dress-up clothes (it included long pants). I was also wearing my hard shell backpack, protecting, as it always does, my preci^h^h^h^h^Hlaptop. The elevator stopped at the second floor and let on a silver-haired gentleman of about 60 years, wearing a quite fly three-piece suit. I nodded, said "'morning", and he returned the salute.

We stopped at the fourth floor (RWHQ, as previously mentioned) and my companion was on his way to the fifth floor. As I exited, I uttered the standard "have a good day". As I rounded the corner, and the elevator doors were closing, his ringing, stentorian voice carried into the hallway: "Nerd," he said. "What a nerd."

I was, quite literally, too stunned to even respond. The doors closed on my elevating friend and I couldn't even muster enough clear thought to rush the stairs and meet him on the fifth floor. I suppose its possible the poor man had Tourette syndrome. Or, maybe he was wearing an Obadiah Stane inviso-earpiece and was talking to somebody else. But, most likely, I got called a "nerd" by a dude in a suit in my own elevator.

As my daughter would say, "for real".

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