Programming Clojure Beta 7 Is Out

Programming Clojure Beta 7 is now available.

What's new:

  • The book now has a foreword, kindly provided by Rich Hickey.
  • The index-of-any example has been completely rewritten. The new version does a much better job of showing off functional style.
  • A new section in the FP Chapter: "Persistent Data Structures" explains structural sharing.
  • Two new sections in the Concurrency Chapter: "How STM Works: MVCC" explains MVCC, and sets the stage for commute. "The Unified Update Model" makes explicit the common update model shared by refs, agents, and atoms.
  • Better example implementation of blank?.
  • Hundreds of smaller changes based on reviewer feedback and reader suggestions.

What's coming:

The book is basically done, and is off for indexing, copyediting, etc. However, I will update any parts of the book affected by the new fully lazy sequences, once the dust has settled.

To make sure you have the latest, greatest version of the sample code from the book, go and grab the github repo.

Thanks again to everyone who has been offering feedback. Keep the feedback coming!

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