Welcome to our new teammates

Its always a joy to extend a public welcome to our new team members. Today, I'd like to publicly introduce our three newest compadres:

Jared Pace: Jared came to us from Charlotte, NC where he worked for a startup. He dumped PHP for Ruby four years ago and hasn't looked back. Today he can be found shifting between front and backend development or working on the Ruby library PDFKit.

David Liebke: David is a developer and statistician, and the creator of Incanter, a Clojure-based data analysis and visualization environment. He has built systems in domains ranging from bioinformatics to intelligence analysis, and has a B.S. in cognitive science (UC San Diego), M.S. in applied mathematics and statistics (Georgetown), an M.B.A. (UC Irvine).

Alan Dipert: Alan comes from Rochester, NY, where he studied at RIT and cofounded Rochester's first hackerspace. He's passionate about the Web, Clojure, and is an active open source contributor and advocate.

We are very excited to be growing our team, and expanding the reach of our Clojure services as well. Welcome, guys!

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