Come to Relevance and Be Excellent

Earlier, we posted that we were seeking some new PMs for the Relevance team. At that time, I mentioned that we were always looking for great technical folk as well. I think that deserves its own post.

Our team is growing pretty fast. Our combination of technology platforms and deep devotion to the people side of software is resonating really well with our customers and we want to encourage and enable that growth. So what are we looking for? I'm glad you asked.

Are you excellent at Ruby and/or Clojure? Can you work sitting next to somebody who is at least as smart as you, pairing on solutions to wicked problems? Do you want to work on open source or community projects 20% of the time? Can you jump back and forth between small apps for early-stage startups and giant systems for Fortune 100 companies? How good are you at ping pong? Can you demonstrate a history of having an impact on the projects you contribute to? Do you practice TDD and have strong opinions about testing frameworks (we have an ongoing war over Cucumber here, and we need more combatants)? Have you read Cryptonomicon, Daemon or The Black Swan? Do you like to speak at conferences or write awesome blog posts about cool technology? Are you comfortable getting direct feedback about your work? How many of the founders of GitHub can you name?

If you found yourself in the questions above, we want to talk with you. We're looking for full-time or contract technologists. We especially want people who can work in our Durham office, or who live in DC. Come be part of something growing, special and fun.

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