The Relevant Bits - Nov 2, 2010

In addition to pulling off a successful "Conj", here is the run down of what we at Relevance were doing with our 20% time in October:

  • Chad continued his quest for Vimlander 2 The Quickening to be the only vim config around.
  • Stuart H has been knocking out tickets and applying patches to Clojure. Grab 1.3.0 Alpha 2 if you want to keep up with the latest in Clojure development.
  • Michael was an expert panel judge for the Rails Rumble.
  • Aaron shows off how to do mobile org in his emacs config.
  • Stuart H, Michael and Jon enhanced Mycroft. If you're already using it, see the history to see what's new. If you're not already using, grab it and start inspecting your JVM data.
  • Jon and Michael added paginated lists to their fork of swish.
  • Stuart S released Lazytest 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 of his testing framework. See the changelog to figure out what your version of Lazytest provides.
  • Jon and Aaron updated labrepl, the environment for learning Clojure, for Clojure 1.3.0 compatability and closed out some GitHub issues.
  • Stuart H uploaded his slides from his Clojure presentation on protocols at JAOO.
  • Chris released 1.0 of ValidationReflection, for Rails 3 compatibility.
  • Alan updated reconfig to be Clojure 1.3 compatible. Check out this library if you want to reload config files in Clojure on SIGHUP.
  • Stuart S created Message, experiments in message-passing architectures in Clojure.
  • Chad, Alex R and Larry forked ruby-saml and started adding some new features, including optional HTTP parameter passing and more test coverage.
  • Alex R created Dwarf, a data mining tool for Rails 3.
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