Band Together Rocks -- You Should Help

For the past two years, we've been working with Band Together, a North Carolina non-profit organization with an incredibly cool mission. Every year, they throw one amazing party at which they raise money for a different North Carolina non-profit. Last year, that party was a concert featuring Michael Franti, The Old Ceremony, One EskimO and others, and they gave StepUP Ministry $358,000. That's big time.

And what a party we had last year. It rained like hell all over The Old Ceremony, which sucks because they are one of my favorite local bands, but it eased up enough for us to take the dance train to funky town as Michael Franti, my favorite artist anywhere, rocked the house.

This year, Band Together has launched a two-year fund drive to benefit Alliance Medical Ministry and Urban Ministries of Wake County. The goals are bigger, the concerts get better every year, and I encourage anyone who likes great music and crazy good ways to help the community to get acquainted with Band Together and check out the show this year. Relevance will be there, in force, in the VIP booth. Will you join us?

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