Friday Update 1.1

Welcome to the latest installment of the critically acclaimed "Friday Update"! This week's theme is "In-browser Awesomeness (plus one more)", and boy do we have an exciting lineup for you today!

First up, our brilliant intern Vojto (pronounced VOY-toe) has spiked out a Cocoa library called Atmosphere which waits for client-side changes and pushes those changes to the server automagically. You can read more about it on his blog.

Next we have the illustrious Chad Humphries, who is investigating using Rails 3.1, Backbone.js and Jasmine to build applications. He is excited to announce that the Jasmine tests run both inside and outside the browser.

Continuing our theme, Bobby Calderwood and Alex Redington are working on an in-browser ClojureScript evaluator. A server is required to perform compilation, but, in conjunction with some additonal work from Alan Dipert and Brenton Ashworth, we could soon have a browser-connected REPL!

And our c-c-c-combo breaker: David Liebke is working on a Clojure library called cogito. It's a Clojure implementation of System-Z+, a probabalistic reasoner.

That's it for now!

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