ThinkRelevance: The Podcast - Episode 001

Relevance is a fascinating place to work. The primary reason for that, in my opinion, is the great people that work there. I find I'm constantly having interesting conversations with my coworkers, and it's not always about tech stuff. More than once I've had a random hallway conversation and thought, "Wow, if I had recorded that, it would make a pretty good podcast episode."

So that's what I'm doing. On a roughly weekly basis, I'm going to be releasing conversations with the people I am privileged to work with. We've got no set agenda: just have an interesting conversation about whatever people want to talk about.

As this is our first episode, I'm still figuring out how to do all the usual podcast stuff, like getting it on iTunes, creating a feed, and all that jazz. So for our inaugural episode, we're just going with a simple download link. I'll get all the fancy podcast stuff figured out, soon, I promise.

In this episode, I talk with Justin Gehtland, who's sort of our CEO (he explains the "sort of" in the episode). As is always the case when talking to Justin, it was a fun conversation. I hope you'll agree.

Show Notes

We mention a lot of people in the podcast. Here's a list of where to find them on the web:

Other notes:

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