Cognitect welcomes Paul deGrandis and David Chelimsky

I love getting to write these posts - welcoming aboard new team members and introducing them to the world as part of Cognitect. Today, I get to do two of them.

First, Paul deGrandis. Paul joined us as a contractor earlier in 2013 and it became obvious early on that he was our type of cat: he's smart, he's committed, and he's just a touch crazy. In his own words:

Paul deGrandis lives for magnificent engineering. Elegant, well-founded, useful solutions to problems that say something about engineering's beauty. He loves metrics, taking on the impossible, and making lives better through technology.

He joined us full time this fall, and we're thrilled to have him.

Second, just this week, David Chelimsky signed on. We've known David forever, it seems, so it is a great pleasure to have him join now. He starts for real in January. In his words:

David Chelimsky has been programming professionally since 1998 and has worked in a variety of industries including trading, web publishing, and agile training/consulting. He was a co-author of The RSpec Book, and the technical and community leader of the RSpec project for 6 years. He speaks regularly at conferences on topics ranging from software testing to design principles. In his spare time, David likes to travel, study Portuguese, and play Brazilian music on his cavaquinho.

We welcome you both and are looking forward to awesome times together!

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