Cognitect +4

In a mad rush, Cognitect welcomed four new members to the team over the last couple of weeks.   Growth tends to come in odd shapes and sizes -- often times gradual, sometimes in punctuated leaps.  This is one of those latter times.  

Allow me to introduce the four newest members of our wonderful, geographically dispersed team.

Carin Meier

We've known Carin for many years, now, and are grateful that the stars have finally aligned to allow her to join the team. We're excited to have her technical chops, both in the service of our customers' projects but in communicating ideas to a wide audience.  In her own words: 

Carin started off as a professional ballet dancer, studied Physics in college, and has been developing software for both the enterprise and entrepreneur ever since. She digs Clojure, robots, and, of course, controlling robots with Clojure. She is highly involved in the community and spoken at many conferences, including keynoting at OSCON and Strange Loop. She helps lead the Cincinnati Functional Programmers and is the author of Living Clojure.

Benoit Fleury

Benoit has been working with us on and off for the last two years, and we are thrilled to be able to make the arrangement more permanent. We are looking forward to his continued pursuit of simplicity and elegance in our projects.  Allow me to let him introduce himself:

Aspiring designer of software systems, Benoît wishes to help make software look less like an Egyptian pyramid and more like the Empire State Building. His interest in powerful ideas and tools led him to Clojure. He believes that the the design of the next generation of software will require to get back to basic principles centered on the human condition.

Joe Smith

Joe has likewise been with us for some time already, working on a variety of projects, and we are again happy to make the arrangement more permanent.  Our customers can look forward to more of his excellent technical skills, but I'm personally just hoping to get at some of his homemade salsa.  Here is Joe on Joe:

Joe Smith has a deep appreciation for computer science fundamentals and believes that learning for the sake of learning is an essential exercise for software engineers. When he’s not coding he can be found extolling the virtues of functional programming, cooking, and gardening.

Jenn Hillner

Jenn is joining our Business Development team. She brings an exuberance for working with companies to discover how we can work together and to smooth the path from contact to contract.  Everyone who has had the opportunity to interact with Jenn will tell you the same thing: "I came away smarter and happier." Here she is: 

Jenn is a choreographer at heart.  She has always loved to see the parts and then help them move together to reach some common goal.   She applies this passion for movement to her work, her family and occasionally still to dance.   When the parts come together in a way that feels right to all, it’s a work of art.

Welcome, one and all.  

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