Books Partnership: Relevance and the Pragmatic Bookshelf

I am pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Pragmatic Programmers to provide a free book for each attendee of Relevance's onsite training in the following technology areas: Ajax, Ruby, and Rails.

When you schedule a course with use, tell us which Pragmatic Bookshelf book you'd like. (How do you know what books there are? Head over to the Pragmatic Bookshelf and browse their catalog. If you're coming to a Rails class, then Agile Web Development with Rails would be a first choice. If you already have that book, then perhaps Rails Recipes, or Enterprise Integration with Ruby, or Best of Ruby Quiz. Then let us know which title you'd like, and we'll have it available for you to pick up at the course.)

One part of the value in training is being able to point people to quality sources for more information, and I can't think of anyone I am more comfortable recommending than the Prags.

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