Enterprise Ruby Studio in MARCH

There's a growing acceptance of Ruby as a player in developing "enterprise" applications. The upcoming "eRubyCon":http://erubycon.com/ in Columbus is just another example. Which is why we are proud to be bringing you another edition of our "Enterprise Ruby Studio":http://www.pragmaticstudio.com/ruby/index.html.

In conjunction with the Pragmatic Studio, Relevance was the first to bring an open training event dedicated specifically to Ruby in the Enterprise to the market. We're running it again March 28-30 in Reston, VA. Once again, we'll be focusing on Ruby's unique value in the enterprise as the "glue that doesn't set". Attendees will experience, hands on, building an app using the most important technologies: data access through ActiveRecord and rBatis, messaging through Stomp, Drb and Rinda, data transfer using XML and JSON, networking using Mongrel, and building RESTful web service endpoints. In addition, we'll examine the tools that make Ruby productive, elegant and stable, like "Rake":http://rake.rubyforge.org/, Ruby Unit, "rcov":http://eigenclass.org/hiki.rb?rcov, "flexmock":http://onestepback.org/software/flexmock/ and "Cerberus":http://cerberus.rubyforge.org/.

We have a blast at these events, and we think you will too. Come check it out!

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