The one where we welcome two more to the family

Our Apple gambit paid off. Two poor, easily deluded suckers……I mean, two fine, intelligent and wonderful people have decided to join our growing chorus. Let me introduce you to:

Jamie Kite Jamie is passionate about creating elegant solutions to complex problems. After receiving her B.S. in Computer Science from UCF (University of Central Florida, or alternately "Under Construction Forever"), she stumbled upon a social media marketing start-up in Orlando, FL where she went from Front-End Developer to Senior Ruby Developer and Project Lead faster than you can say "cakeplow." Jamie is equally comfortable debugging Ruby code as she is reworking designs in Photoshop or writing poetic CSS. She lives her life by the "Under Construction Forever" mantra, always learning and eager to pick up new technologies and techniques to improve her craft. When she's not writing code or designing user experiences, you can find her presiding over wedding ceremonies, pulling weeds, or cooking and writing for her food blog.

Lynn Grogan Lynn arrived in Durham after a two month road trip looking for a new place to live. She found Relevance and lured them in with two lines in her cover letter which read: I have memorized exactly two jokes in my life, but they are inappropriate for a cover letter and I would have to meet you in person to gauge whether or not they are appropriate to tell during an interview. One of them involves Willie Nelson, the other one involves a runny nose. Clearly these were good jokes because they hired her on as an office manager. Prior to Relevance, Lynn was working as Director of Operations at VonChurch, Inc. a firm in San Francisco that specializes in recruiting for the video game industry. Prior to that she was doing lots of stuff that mainly involved art galleries and coffee. Lynn was born and raised in the fine state of Wisconsin and has a B.A. from UW-Madison in Sociology.

I think we can stop pretending to be other giant companies now. Sorry, Groupon and Apple. We're still hiring, though, so this time, if you are interested, I'll just let our awesome team speak for itself.

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