Yeller Chooses Clojure and Datomic for High-Throughput Exception Tracking Service

Yeller is an exception tracking service whose goal is to provide clear, actionable information to developers to take the pain out of examining application errors. They chose Clojure and Datomic as the platform for Yeller in order to make the development process more effective and more efficient. 

Clojure and the JVM specifically helped them create a robust runtime service handling spikes of millions of events per second. 

“Clojure’s focus on immutability makes writing ‘ordinary’ code less error prone and enables some very high performance techniques.”
— Tom Crayford, Founder

You can read all about their reasons for choosing Clojure and Datomic on their blog.  You can also watch Tom speak about their decision at EuroClojure 2015.

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