And we grow, again.

Continuing a trend of both collecting truly awesome people and blowing right past any reasonable internal forecast of potential growth, we are enormously pleased to announce the following new additions to our team. Between them, they expand our corps of coaches, level us up at systems architecture, add a slew of awesome technical skills, and make us more likable and cuddly, to boot.

And here they are:

Maggie Litton: Maggie is a veteran project manager, scrummistress, and coach. After studying Film, Philosophy, and English at New York University and the University of Kentucky, she explored several career paths before falling in love with software development. Before joining Relevance, she spent the last several years scaling agile development practices for enterprise projects at IBM.

Sam Umbach: Most of all, Sam is passionate about the user! He finds not just the technology solution, but also the humane design to go with it. After several years of embedded systems work in network security and, most recently, video games, he is now addicted to closing the feedback loop, iteratively discovering and building what the user needs. When not at his computer, you'll probably find Sam at one of the many Triangle music venues, enjoying a concert and a beer.

Tim Ewald: Tim Ewald has 18 years of experience building distributed systems. Over the last decade he has worked primarily with web technologies. Tim is a pragmatic architect focused on designing effective solutions to complex problems. Prior to joining Relevance, he was VP of Architecture at SeaChange International, a world-leader in video-on-demand infrastructure for cable and telcos, where he worked on integrating Internet technologies with television infrastructure. Before SeaChange, he worked at Microsoft, where he helped design and build the first version of MSDN2 for delivering technical content to developers. Tim's primary technical interests include advanced languages like Clojure and Ruby and hypermedia service APIs based on REST. Tim holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Hampshire College and is a well-known conference speaker.

Craig Andera: Craig graduated with a master's degree from MIT in 1995, and has spent the intervening time working variously in C++, C#, and (most recently) Clojure. Specializing in large-scale web system implementation, Craig has written for MSDN Magazine and has spoken at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Bobby Calderwood: Bobby is half developer, half businessman, and all family-man. He graduated with a degree in Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College. During his time in college he also played fullback on the football team and served a two-year mission for his church in Arizona. He has spent his whole career splitting the divide between business analyst and developer for small startups and large institutions alike, including being a technology consultant and developer for the FBI and the DoD. He, his wife, and their two small children enjoy playing guitars and singing together, participating in their church congregation, and chasing their dog, Wally.

Welcome to you all, I only hope that we live up to the fantastic expectations you must have of us after we pretended we were Groupon during your interviews.

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